Diamond Microdermabrasion


A safe and effective resurfacing treatment Diamond Microdermabrasion.

The Diamond Corundum crystals gently  sandblast the surface of the skin lifting off and revealing a smoother softer more radiant complexion.

After one treatment your skin will be singing.

After completing a course of 6 (one per week), Wrinkles and fine lines will diminish

Individual treatments – $150
Prepay $810 for 6 ($135 each)

Green Peel by DR. Shramack  $499.00

A new skin in 5 days

More than 60 years ago, Christine Schrammek provided the foundation for the original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin. The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin.

The Herbal Peeling Treatment was further medically developed and extended by her daughter, the dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, and is applied today by aestheticians and doctors worldwide. Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixtures allows the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment to be adapted to individual skin conditions and the personal treatment goals.

The original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment is exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and doctors.

Priori LCA Multi-level peel

Pore minimizing, skin smoothing, professional strength

Using high-strength lactic, glycolic and mandelic acids, PRIORI’s peel are designed to adapt to the needs of each individual’s skin. These Smart Peels feature professional-strength technology, that delivers the multi-layer of AHA resurfacing, working perfectly to remove only the outermost layer of dead skin cells – revealing luminous, fresher and healthier skin.

PRIORI LCA Multi-level peels possess many skin health benefits, they will:

  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Help to lighten dark spots
  • Treat periodic breakouts
  • Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhance moisturization and advance your skincare regime

$110.00 per treatment
Course of six taken weekly $600

Q+SOD Peel 

24H Advanced Moisturization, Resurfacing, Antioxidant 

Our Q+SOD Complex is the magic behind the real corrective visibly apparent results you’ll see. This is what your skin’s been lacking and now, it’s glowing accordingly. The multi-layered formula recognizes exactly what your skin requires to improve radiance and moisturization for a softer, smoother complexion….aka, that glow.

  • CoQ10 + SOD cellular targeted antioxidant complex for enhanced protection and correction
  • 15% Lactic Acid for advanced hydration and multi-layer skin renewal
  • Retinol for skin resurfacing and renewal

$130 per treatment