What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets, also known as thrombocytes. PRP can help regenerate and revitalise damaged skin, reduce fine lines and help to improve skin texture

What is RegenLab PRP®?

RegenLab PRP is a world leading system for the preparation of PRP developed by RegenLab in Switzerland. RegenLab PRP is an approved system that has been used to successfully treat fine lines worldwide since 2008.

How does it work?

Direct injection of RegenLab PRP helps accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and repair. RegenLab PRP contains fundamental growth factors released by activated platelets to initiate the tissue regeneration process by stimulating:

  • New collagen production
  • Stem cell division and differentiation
  • Formation of new blood vessels (Angiogenesis)

What does the treatment involve?

Preparing RegenLab PRP is a quick and easy process.

Blood is collected from you in 1- 2 specially designed tubes, which are then centrifuged for 5- 10 minutes. During centrifugation, a patented gel within the tubes isolates PRP from other unrequired cells within the blood.

RegenLab PRP is then ready for application. Depending on the indication, it can be applied as:

  • Multiple small superficial injections
  • Deeper injections using a type of blunt needle called a cannula
  • Topically in combination with other treatments

NOTE: RegenLab PRP uses your own blood, which reduces the risk of immunological reactions or contamination with transmissible diseases.

Is it right for me?

Ask your medical practitioner if RegenLab PRP is suitable for you.

PRP Price List


PRP Plain Tube $500

PRP Matrix tube $575


Facial Fillers

Restylane Kysse for lips $580 per mil

Restylane Lyft  for face   $690 per mil


Anti wrinkle injectables

Botox $17 per unit

Dysport $7 per unit.